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  • What is Tai Chi?

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi is a martial art and exercise form that originated in ancient China that has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its numerous health benefits. It involves slow and gentle movements that promote the cultivation and circulation of Qi, the vital energy that flows within the body. This blog post will explore the practice…

  • Kai Men means open the door

    Kai Men means open the door

    Energy cultivation Kai Men 开门 means ‘open the door’, it is our Lee style of Qigong. In one sense Kai Men means opening energy gates in the body which govern the flow of internal energy and let it flow around the system. In another sense opening the door means becoming more aware of what is…

  • Easter Course 2023

    Easter Course 2023

    Our Easter Course last year in our stunning new venue at the St-john’s-in-the-fields church in St Ives was such a success we are doing it all over again this year. It was the first time we have ever had an Easter Course with fresh-cut flowers and fairy lights. The church is such a vibrant and…