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Lockdown Tai Chi

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Our Youtube channel has 360 degree videos of the T’ai Chi dance and T’ai Chi form. These are organised into blocks of roughly ten moves so you can learn a section then move onto the next one when you are ready. Try to avoid the temptation of running before you can walk. The first ten moves should take about ten weeks to learn correctly. Thereafter you should progress at the rate of about one move per week so after one year you will have learned the first fifty moves. Even then you will have to come back to them time and time again to correct mistakes with the new insight you will have gained from the other exercises we do. T’ai Chi has many integrated sections like partner exercises and qigong which all teach certain aspects of the Art and affect the way you do your forms.

With 360 degree videos you can move your mouse on a PC, or on a phone or tablet usually swipe or change the angle of the screen to view behind you. The videos have teachers each stationed at the four points of the compass so if you cant see what one is doing, if they are facing away for example, then you can easily refer to one of the others.

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Tai Chi Elements

Tai Chi Elements is an app for Windows and Mac users which is designed to help you learn the Tai Chi forms and other exercises. Using motion capture and 3d game engine technology we have created an online Tai Chi class. The advantage is you can view from different angles, speed up, or slow down the model. You can zoom in to get more detail, and the player controls allow you to set a certain section to loop so you can practise it over and again. You can meet up with other players, or talk to your teacher online. You can also video yourself with a smartphone or video camera, you could even use a webcam, and upload these videos onto an overlay or screen then watch them side by side with the model to compare them. We can use these videos to review your progress and look over them with you to give you pointers or look at certain aspects of your training which may need attention just like in a real world class. As well as the forms there are also the full range of warming up exercises, breathing exercises and qigong to learn. You can log in any time of the day or night as often as you like and learn in your own living room and still stay in touch with students and teachers from all over the world.

This app is currently in development, but you can try it out for free as long as you are willing to give us some feedback that will help us improve the user experience.

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