Summer Course 2023

Tai Chi Summer Course

Craving a summer escape to rejuvenate, boost your health, and sync with nature’s rhythm? Your search ends here! We’re thrilled to invite you to our three-week Summer Course featuring Tai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu, and Health & Massage, nestled on the tranquil sands of Sennen Cove in the heart of Cornwall, a breathtaking area distinguished for its outstanding natural beauty.

Embark on a Three-Week Wellness Journey

Our summer course unfolds over three enriching weeks, each focusing on a different aspect of physical and mental wellness. Regardless of whether you’re a busy professional, a diligent student, an energetic teenager, or a vibrant retiree, this course holds treasures for all!

🌊 Week 1 – Tai Chi: Dive into the world of Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art known for its delicate, flowing movements. Perfect for alleviating work stress, it promotes focus, curbs anxiety, and enhances productivity. It’s also ideal for students and young individuals looking to sharpen their mind and boost concentration.

🌊 Week 2 – Feng Shou Kung Fu: Switch gears in the second week as we explore the dynamic art of Feng Shou Kung Fu. This form of Chinese martial art is perfect for building strength, improving balance, and enhancing coordination.

🌊 Week 3 – Health & Massage: We round off the course with a focus on holistic health and massage techniques. Learn to ease muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being – a valuable skill for anyone at any stage of life!

Experience Wellness by the Sea

Practicing Tai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu, and massage techniques on the golden shoreline of Sennen Cove uplifts the experience. The symphony of waves caressing the shore, the refreshing sea breeze, and the expansive open skies craft an impeccable environment for mental clarity and inner tranquillity.

Scientific studies affirm that being near the sea amplifies the benefits of these practices. The negative ions generated by sea waves boost the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to heightened alertness and a serene demeanor.

Unmissable Offers Tailored Just For You!

We believe that everyone should savour the magic of this holistic wellness journey. Thus, we extend:

🌊 Early Bird Discounts: Secure your spot before a certain date and benefit from our early bird discount!

🌊 Student and Low Wage Discounts: For students or individuals on a low wage, we offer special rates to make the experience affordable.

🌊 Block Booking Discounts: Planning to come with friends or colleagues? Our block booking discounts are perfect for you!

Never let the opportunity slip to immerse yourself in the refreshing practices of Tai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu, and health and massage techniques in one of the UK’s most scenic locations. Remember, our slots are limited.

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered! In case of inclement weather, our classes will smoothly transition to the beautiful St John’s-in-the-fields church in St Ives, ensuring your wellness journey remains uninterrupted.

🌊 Secure your place now and welcome a summer of balance and tranquillity! Book Now 🌊



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